Grow Your Neighbours Own

*** Grow Your Neighbour’s Own is now on hold until further notice, when we will be making matches for the new growing season in 2018/19. But please feel free to sign up now if you would like to be included.***

Grow Your Neighbour’s Own is a garden share scheme in Brighton & Hove that pairs up gardeners who have nowhere to grow their own food with garden owners or allotment holders who have the space to grow but for whatever reason are not able to. We want to help form lasting (gardening!) relationships between people, preferably people who live near each other – the garden owner/allotment holder and gardener arrange between them what they will grow and how often the gardening will take place, and share the produce as it is harvested!

Garden owners: have a garden in which you’d love to see food grown, but can’t/don’t want to do so yourself? We’ve matched up garden owners for numerous reasons, among which are: they does not know anything about growing food and wants to learn from an experienced gardener; they no longer have the mobility to do their own gardening but would like to see their garden used by someone else (often these owners have lots of invaluable growing knowledge to pass on); they do not have the time to grow food but would like to see someone else do so. Register your garden details online, we’ll take some details about the kind of gardener you’re looking for and try to find a match for you.

Allotment holders: have an allotment that you’re finding hard to keep up? recently received a weed notice and are trying not to lose your allotment? or just need someone to share the work with? Register your allotment details online, we’ll take some details about the kind of co-worker you’re looking for and try to find a match for you.

Gardeners: are you a budding gardener but have nowhere to grow food? Register as a gardener online and we’ll try find you somewhere to grow food. On the form you can say whether you’d rather grow in a private garden or be a co-worker on an allotment (or either if you have no preference). We ask all gardeners on the scheme to come to a short interview with us so we can find out a bit more about you and thus match you with someone suitable. The scheme is for gardeners of all levels of experience – we will try to pair people who have similar expectations from the scheme.

NB: The scheme only covers Brighton & Hove – if you are in Peacehaven or East Saltdean there is a different scheme there – see here for more details.)

Beginner gardener? See our guide on how to get started with growing. Want to start growing before you’ve been matched up with a garden? See our guide to growing food in small spaces, written by Hedvig from Get Growing.

How to get matched quickly:

Find a nearby garden owner yourself
You don’t need Grow Your Neighbour’s Own to start growing food at all. Know an neighbour who has a garden or plot of land but who can’t grow food for whatever reason? Go introduce yourself and suggest the idea! You can have a look at our guidelines for growing in someone else’s garden if you need to, and our growing links for how to go about it.

Help publicise the scheme
Once you have registered there won’t necessarily be a match for you straight away – we want to make good matches by location and expectations from the scheme, so there may not be someone who immediately fits the bill. But while we try to find someone for you, you can always help make a match more likely by publicising the scheme around where you live – put up a poster or hand out flyers (or if you can’t print these, email us and we’ll send some to you). And if we don’t find you a match straight away we will keep you updated from time to time to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you!

Find more land
There are also areas of land around blocks of flats, community buildings, and many other places that could be used for growing food – if you have your eye on a space that you think could be used, please email us on
, or call us on the number below and we’ll see what we can do about it!

If you would like any more information about the scheme please phone our office at the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

Grow Your Neighbour’s Own is part of Harvest Brighton & Hove, a citywide project encouraging the growing, eating and enjoyment of local food. From window boxes to community allotments, there are opportunities for everyone to join in. Harvest has brought together lots of different organisations interested in food who will help you learn to grow your own, make use of surplus produce and eat more tasty local food.

Harvest are now running a series of subsidised one-day courses: including planning a plot and what to grow, plus many other aspects of growing veg. See here for a list and more information.