Gardener/co-worker registration

Gardeners of all levels of experience are invited to take part in the scheme – if you have never grown food before, there is plenty of advice out there, and it is all a matter of learning! You could start by looking at our growing links page. But please be aware that agreeing to grow veg in someone else’s garden can be quite a commitment – you’ll need to be looking after the garden at least once a week and more than that when the weather is hot.

To register your interest as a gardener or allotment co-worker, please submit your details on this form (which will send an email to us), or you can call our office at the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership on 01273 431700 and we’ll take your details over the phone. (There’s a question that asks whether you wish to register as a gardener in a private gardener, as an allotment co-worker, or if you don’t have a preference.) Bear in mind we don’t really know how long it will take to find you a match, a lot will depend upon where you live and whether you have transport, etc.

Rules about allotment co-workers
Allotment co-workers do not have any legal tenancy rights over an allotment plot – if the tenant of the plot gives it up for any reason, this does not mean a co-worker can automatically take it over. However if a co-worker has been registered as such with the council for more than two years and the tenant decides to give up the plot, it is possible that the tenancy can be handed over to the co-worker (though this is not automatic). For a full list of co-worker rules see the council website.

(NB: if you plan to garden with someone else, a partner or friend for example, please make sure that they also register for the scheme as well, we’ll need to also interview them.)

Once we have your details, we will arrange to meet with each potential gardener in person to go through what might be expected on the scheme.

(Please note this scheme is only open to residents of Brighton & Hove.)